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Memories of Local Businesses

Fun facts for anyone who lived in Hawthorne from 1950 to today:

Here you have Killarney Liquor Store, located at what was originally called 313 N. Prairie Avenue.  It was on the west side of the street, just south of the alley that is just north of Broadway. Built in 1950, it had a large parking area which was 18 feet deep and was positioned in front of the store. In 1959, the city of Hawthorne widened Prairie Avenue. 

The second photo is Frank’s Liquor, taken approximately 10 years ago and the third photo is the same building in 2021 which includes a mandated ADA retrofit. The address today is 12325 Prairie Avenue.

In 1970 the movie “Zabriskie Point” was filmed at this location along with scenes at the Hawthorne Airport.  Here is a description of the scene in that film:

Mark goes to a bloody campus confrontation between students and police. Some students are tear-gassed and at least one is shot. As Mark reaches for a gun in his boot, a Los Angeles policeman is seen being fatally shot, although it is unclear by whom.  Mark flees the campus and rides a city bus to suburban Hawthorne where, after failing to buy a sandwich on credit from a local blue-collar delicatessen, he walks to Hawthorne Municipal Airport, steals a small Cessna 210 aircraft and flies into the desert.

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